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Hair removal for guys, delivered. 

Dappr is the first body hair removal solution built for men from the ground up.



Going to a salon is expensive ($50 to $100 each visit), overwhelming, & sort of awkward. Shaving? Once you start, you have to do it daily (unless you like the prickly cactus look).

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It's time to spill the beans

Most guys manscape even if they don't talk about it. Dappr is the hair removal kit that saves you the awkwardness of going to a salon and is respectful of your wallet.

Don't Look Like A Gorilla

We all know guys are hairy, and some some of that hair is kinda gross. Dappr was designed for guys who want a simple solution to clean up.  

Don't Go Broke 

Salons, laser treatments, etc. remove more money from your bank account than hair from your body. Dappr is here to change that. 

Don't Worry for a Month

Solutions like shaving quickly lead to stubble and hair that grows in thicker than before. With Dappr, you'll be hair free for 30 days. 


Your starter kit includes a month worth of hairlessness and is only $21.99.

You can cancel anytime.

Once you order your dappr beans, it's simple




Heat up the beans for 90 seconds in the microwave.



Apply paste to any unwanted hair, in the direction of hair growth. 



Wait for 5 seconds until the paste becomes a hard strip. Remove quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.